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360° view optics, what’s going on?

Our family of unique optics for 360° inspection is growing up.

After delivering new products in the Telecentric , Macro and Multi Mag families it’s time to talk about our 360° family , home of many innovative products implementing the
not-so-innovative principle of doing more with less: in this case, inspecting more object sides with less (just one) camera shots.

This time we don’t have just a new series to announce but a large-scale revamp of the whole family! We grabbed Massimo Castelletti, Product Manager of 360° view optics during this year’s Motek event, for a brief overview of these new additions:

Let’s take a closer look:

PC series

PC 13030XS, PC 12030XS and PC 23030XS are new light-weight pericentric lenses for the inspection of cylindrical objects with diameter down to 7.5 mm, now also available for high resolution 2/3” detectors.The specific clamping mechanics CMHO 080 provides excellent mechanical support to this product, keeping it securely positioned. Read more →

PCCD series

Our range of catadioptric lenses now includes PCCD 023 for high resolution 2/3” detectors and new accessory PCCDLFAT, which enables PCCD lenses to image cylindrical objects with even larger diameters maintaining a very wide viewing angle. Read more →
CMHOPCCD are specific clamping mechanics, now available to securely hold in place PCCD optics. Read more →

PCHI hole inspection optics

New PCHI 023, for high resolution 2/3” detectors, is now available. Read more →

TCCAGE series

New TCCAGE 12048 and TCCAGE 23048 bi-telecentric multi-mirror systems, featuring a more robust design and boosted lighting source, for fast on-line inspections. Read more →

Posted on 9 December, 2013

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